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On this page find a selection of news articles, documents, research papers and other resources for more background information regarding the film.

Deadly Environment

report from 2014


IPRA law, The Iniginous Peoples Rights Act

Republic Act 8371, from 1997


Clark Freeport Zone Annual Reports

Clark Freeport Zone Annual Reports

What is happening now at the Clark Freeport Zone. Have a look at their annual reports to see how they public present the 'Next Frontier Project', how the project has been blocked and re-named already at least 5 times...


The Guardian, Friday 13th December 2013

For the Aeta, a group of indigenous people from the Luzon region of the Philippines, land is a source of food, water and income...

News article

Peuple du feu : Les Philippines avec Axel Ferrault

Canal Plus, Les Nouveaux Explorateurs, saison 10, épisode 51


Direction les Philippines et ses 21 volcans actifs, théâtre de la plus violente éruption du XXème siècle...


Corporate Responsibility, State-Society Relations and Territorial Conflics in the Philippines


Case Study writen for the Grenoble School of Management,


Vapor Trail (Clark)

a film by John Gianvito, 2010


What is cultral disaster? Aeta resilience following the 1991 Mt Pinatubo eruption

2006, Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Science, 34(4):376-399

Research paper

Pinatubo Volcano Eruption

June 1991

Article from xx on the 2nd largest volcano eruption of the 20th century, begin the upheaval the Aeta community face.

News article

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